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A trajectory 
of grief

Women & Their Work, Austin, TX

Curatorial advisor: Claudia Zapata

List of artworks

Conceived in Juarez, Mexico, A Trajectory of Grief addresses the range of emotions Monica Martinez-Diaz experienced following the passing of her grandfather. The show features an array of work across multiple media including large-scale photographic installations and a photographic series.


Each piece focuses on the ambivalence Martinez-Diaz feels about the grief she experiences; she portrays it as a paradoxical journey where sorrow and relief, pain and acceptance intertwine seamlessly. Martinez-Diaz’s work aims to unravel her role in navigating her conflicted feelings about this multifaceted human experience. Through her imagery, she presents beauty tinged with an undertone of sadness, creating contrasting visuals that reflect on the concepts of life and loss.

These images foster a dialogue between domestic spaces, objects, and mourning. The exhibition demands that the viewer traverse between sensations and emotions confronting contradictory works. With A Trajectory of Grief, Martinez-Diaz urges viewers to approach and immerse themselves in pieces intended to present a raw and relatable story of death—and the lives it leaves behind.

- Text provided by Women & Their Work 


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