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My work is about my hometown — Juarez, Mexico — and all the sentiments and entanglements that come with it. My images function as a visual and biographical representation of the inherited complexities that encompass the territory of the MX-US border and my time growing up in such an ambivalent environment. Juarez is a place of dreams and nightmares, beauty and terror, stability and insanity, decay and growth.


I make photographs, videos, and installations that attempt to understand my role growing up in such a conflicted space. I focus on those daily moments of ambivalence in which sorrow and joy are felt at the same time, where death and life are drinking at the same bar, and where laughter and tears become one big river. My images display beauty with an undertone of sadness.


The recurrent and dominant textile imagery used in my work highlight the intervention of a mechanized industry and culture in Juarez. By using traditional mass-produced fabrics, my work comments on the relationship between factory labor and the hyper-normalization of violence. I compare femicides and organized crimes to manufacturing machines due to their rapid production of goods/violence. 

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